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This budget  is called the ‘Precept’, and is the amount the Town Council asks from Eden District Council as a proportion of the Council Tax paid by householders of Penrith. The Council utilises  the precept, to provide its services and deliver its Council Plans. Council Plans are reviewed annually as part of the budget setting process:

For the current  financial year 2016/2017, the ‘Precept’ is £235500.00. In the next financial year it will be £372,145 which means that a Band D household will pay £1.40 per week in 2017-18. The Town Council’s portion of Council Tax bill depends on which band a property is in. Properties are put into one of eight bands, A being the lowest, and H the highest, with Band D being the average.

In order to achieve the aim of being open and transparent is to allow residents to see what the council spends its money on. Details of payments to suppliers each month can be found at Statement of Accounts and Payments.


Budget 2017-18 approved recommendations in summary:

1 That the  revised budget for 2016-2017 (see section 4) be:


Planning committee


CCEG committee


Finance committee




CTRS grant


Net Expenditure


Less: Precept


Contribution from reserves



2 That the resolved budget for 2017-2018 (see section 5) be:

Planning committee 30,000
CCEG committee 133,500
Finance committee 186,126
Contingency 5,183
CTRS grant -7,031
Net Expenditure 347,778
Plus: Contribution to Reserves 24,367
Precept 372,145


3 The level of reserves as set out in section 6 and the incremental reserves strategy which would provide the Council with a sustainable plan, be noted.

4 The Medium Term Financial Projection 2017-22 set out at appendix B, be noted

To view the budget 17-18 in full please click BUDGET 17-18