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Community Engagement

a drawing of earth


What communities do to fight climate change comes down to the people who live there.

  • We will start and continue a long-term community conversation about climate change
  • We will create reliable and regular means for sharing and exchanging information with our community.
  • We will actively seek out up-to-date factual information, current guidance and best practice.
  • We will work with partners and stakeholders.
  • We will encourage Eden parish and town councils to come together and share their learning and their struggles in helping their communities to become carbon neutral.
  • We will provide a long-term community action hub, with outreach services and resources.
  • We will develop and disseminate through consultation, action plans that will encourage a community-wide behaviour change.

The combined efforts of the whole Penrith community is needed to make a difference to climate change.

The more the community joins in with these efforts, the greater our chances of success.

Our response to the climate emergency will therefore be to implement projects that demonstrate the Council’s commitment to addressing climate change whilst having an ongoing conversation with organisations and individuals in Penrith and beyond, to engage and learn as new challenges and new opportunities arise and to encourage  community commitment.

Penrith Climate Action Group will be coordinating some of the projects and working with many partner organisations to implement others. As we start our conversation we anticipate that numerous ideas and projects will be identified which will need to be considered carefully in order to determine which had the best chance of success if taken forward.

Our Action Group will lead this process and will consider which ideas are the most practical to take forward, the multiple co-benefits that the project could provide, timescales and likely cost.

We hope that our community engagement:

  • Challenges people’s behaviour, use of energy and things
  • Challenges our relationship to the Earth’s resources,
  • Inspires others to undertake similar green initiatives,
  • Enables us to collaborate with like-minded people and groups,
  • Encourages us to be kinder to the climate, the community and ourselves