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Council Business Plan

a drawing of a briefcase

Council Business Plan 2017-2023

We have refreshed the Council Business Plan which was approved by Full Council on 25 November 2019 which you can view HERE.

All members of the local community were invited to comment on the refreshed Business Plan between 1st August and 9th September. A survey, was made available in hard copy at the Town Council Offices and in the Library. In addition, links to an electronic version was made available on theYour Say’ section of the Council Website and via social media.


The original Business Plan was approved on 23 January 2017, and is the Councils strategic document.  The Business Plan was refreshed in Summer 2019 after the Town Council elections and be reviewed for each new Council term to account for new emerging priorities.

The  Business Plan sets out what the Council will do and is based upon 6 key areas for action:

  1. Health & Wellbeing
  2. Economic Development
  3. Transport
  4. Growth
  5. Community Engagement
  6. Council Business

The Council’s priorities are referenced, monitored and reviewed regularly and the plan should be considered as a ‘living organic document’. The Business Plan has been influenced by our partner authorities, agencies, organisations, and businesses.

The Business Plan is flexible to meet changing demands as the District Council further devolves services, and has accommodated emerging feedback from the information gathered from the Statutory Regulation 14 consultation for the Penrith Neighbourhood Development Plan.  The Council has recognised that some of the feedback from the Regulation 14 consultation does not fall under planning law but is important to Penrith residents, visitors and businesses. We believe that by including this information within the business plan, the Town Council demonstrates its commitment to Penrith and will make our organisation more effective in meeting the needs of Penrith.

It helps the public, councillors and staff understand what the Council does and how the Council will contribute to local, district and county wide priorities.

The Business Plan informs the Councils budget setting and financial strategies and is an essential tool for planning and delivering services now and in the future.

Our Plan has three parts:

  • The first, identifies the opportunities, challenges, and projects for the new Council term.
  • The second part requires each officer and respective committee to develop an annual work plan prioritising their committee activities.
  • The third part is an annual update which will set out how the priorities were delivered and how they were measured and proposals for the next year. This will enable the plan to be refreshed.