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Monuments & Buildings

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Monuments & Buildings

Cornmarket Bandstand

The Cornmarket Bandstand was transferred to Penrith Town Council on the 29 March 2018. The Bandstand comprises of a covered space, with open sides, seating and an electrical supply is available.

The Town Council are also responsible for the area immediately in front of the Bandstand, known as the Cornmarket.

This area provides seating and a space for traders and events.

Street Traders will require consent to trade in the Cornmarket Bandstand area. Street Trading Consents are issued by Eden District Council, therefore interested persons should make contact directly with them. Traders must also contact the Town Council to receive permission to trade and provide a risk assessment and evidence of their public liability insurance.

Penrith Town Council is keen to make the Cornmarket Bandstand available for use by community groups, charities, private individuals and commercial organisations for the provision of events, music and entertainment, culture and the arts and for other uses deemed appropriate.

For those wishing to use the Cornmarket Bandstand they must first apply to the Council for permission to use the space.

If you are interested in hiring the bandstand please review the Bandstand Hire Policy and complete and submit a Bandstand Hire Application form to:  Tel: 01768 899773

The fees and charges for the period 01 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 are:

Group Cost (£)
Community Organisations, Charities, Constituted Groups. Free of Charge
Commercial Events. £12.00 per hour; or

£30.00 per morning (3 hours) or

£42.00 for the afternoon

£60.00 Full Day

Private Business use for Promotional purposes. £12.00 per hour; or

£30.00 per morning (3 hours) or

£42.00 for the afternoon

£60.00 Full Day

For a Bandstand Hire: Application Form

For a copy of the: Bandstand Hire Policy

St Andrews Churchyard War Memorial

Penrith Town Council is responsible for the war memorial located in St Andrews Churchyard. The Council is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the memorial.

The memorial stands in the churchyard of the church of St Andrew (Grade I), to the west of the church and in close proximity to a number of listed structures and scheduled churchyard monuments. It comprises a tall sandstone cross with a small wheel-head, standing on a small stepped pedestal.

The front face of the cross is decorated with ornate carved motifs including interlace on the cross head and a vine entwined around the cross of St Andrew on the shaft. At the base of the shaft the principal dedicatory inscription reads:


The rear face of the cross head is similarly decorated, whilst the carving on the cross shaft is a complicated interlace pattern worked around a Latin cross. Carved below this ornament is:


The war memorial cross is listed at Grade II and commemorates the first world war.

Musgrave Monument

Musgrave Monument is located in the centre of Penrith. The building comprises a clock tower, with elevations formed from smooth-dressed ashlar stonework, incorporating decorative stone details. The Musgrave Monument is believed to have been built in 1861.

Externally the Musgrave Monument has four clock faces and four decorative street lamps which add further visual appeal to the monument.


Should you identify any issues, defects or concerns relating to the Council’s buildings and monuments then please report them to:  Tel: 01768 899773