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Parks & Open Spaces

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Parks & Open Spaces

Fairhill Playing Field

Fairhill Playing Field was transferred to Penrith Town Council on the 04 April 2018. Fairhill is an area of public open space which provides for informal recreation.

The playing field covers an area of 8 acres and provides in the main an open grassed area. There is a small children’s play area which was upgraded in November 2017. The play area is managed and inspected on our behalf by Eden District Council.

The upkeep and development of the field is supported by the Fairhill Recreation Group, which is a constituted group set up with the aim to enhance the area for the public’s enjoyment. The Recreation Group was integral in raising the funds for the development of the play area and is seeking further improvements to the site.

Persons are permitted to exercise their dogs on the field, however we respectfully ask that any dog mess is collected by the dog owners and deposited in the bins at the entrance to the field. We would further request that the public dispose of any litter in the bins at the entrances.

The maintenance of the grass, planting and the trees is the responsibility of the Town Council. This work is contracted to Lowther Forestry Ltd.

Should you identify any issues, defects or concerns relating to the Fairhill Playing Field then please report them to:


Tel: 01768 899773