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Contracts & Tenders

Procurement Information

The Council must publish details of every invitation to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services with a value that exceeds £5,000. Publish details of any contract, commissioned activity, purchase order, framework agreement and any other legally enforceable agreement with a value that exceeds £5,000. This must be published quarterly. To view the Council’s current contractors list please click  here

Approved Contractors List

The Council are inviting suitably qualified and experienced contractors to apply to go on the Approved Contractors List to undertake a range of services.

The Council’s Procurement Policy sets out that the Council will purchase locally wherever possible and where best value can be satisfied.

Contractors who are currently undertaking works for the Council will automatically be included on to the Approved Contractors List.

Interested applicants should complete an Application Form having read the Approved Contractor Policy . The Closing date for applications is 31 May 2019.