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Precept & Budget

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Precept & Budget

This budget  is called the ‘Precept’, and is the amount the Town Council asks from Eden District Council as a proportion of the Council Tax paid by householders of Penrith. The Council utilises  the precept, to provide its services and deliver its Council Plan.

The Town Council’s portion of Council Tax bill depends on which band a property is in. Properties are put into one of eight bands, A being the lowest, and H the highest, with Band D being the average.

For more information, click on 2019-2020 Budget and Precept Report

For archive  information about the 2018-19 Precept for year-ending 31 March 2019  click here.

The proposed precept for 2019/20 is £437,813; the increase of £20,074 from the 2018/19 figure can be explained as follows:

£ £
  2018/19 Precept 417,739
Planning Committee: removal of £11,000 brought forward from 2017/18 and £10,000 reduction to reflect less involvement with the Neighbourhood Plan (21,000)
Events Grants: Planned reduction of £14,000 in net budget, offset by £7,000 transferred from Inward Investment (7,000)
Greening: Removal of £15,000 brought forward from 2017/18 and £500 planned reduction, offset by £3,000 transferred from Inward Investment (12,500)
Re-allocation of Inward Investment budget (10,000)
Planned increase in Grants budget 4,500

  • 2018 and 2019 pay awards
  • Incremental advances


Removal of one-off Armistice Centenary Fund budget (10,000)
Provision for May 2019 Elections 5,420
Reduction in IT/Data Protection expenditure following GDPR implementation (1,000)
2019/20 Growth Items 6,800
Adjustment to contribution from General Reserve, mainly reflecting the use in 2018/19 to meet 2017/18 carried forward budgets 50,969
Other minor variations (net) 1,398
  Proposed Precept 2019/20   437,813