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Precept & Budget

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Precept & Budget

The Council’s budget  is called the Precept, and is the amount the Town Council asks from Eden District Council as a proportion of the Council Tax paid by householders of Penrith. The Council utilises the precept, to provide services and to deliver the Council Plan.

This link will open our current Council Plan as a PDF booklet.

The Town Council’s portion of Council Tax bill depends on which band a property is in. Properties are put into one of eight bands, A being the lowest, and H the highest, with Band D being the average.

2020/21 BUDGET

The Town Council has approved a budget for the year commencing on 1 April 2020 which requires a precept (or levy) of £454,233 to pay for Council services.  Eden District Council is notified of the amount of the precept and collects the money on behalf of the Town Council from council taxpayers in Penrith.

The precept is an increase of £16,420 from the precept levied for 2019/20.  The increase pays for inflation and improvements to services, including the delivery of an Arts and Cultural Strategy, Community Engagement, Town Projects, a new Solicitor post and Training for Councillors and Officers.

The precept of £454,233 represents an annual Council Tax of £83.09 for a Band D property.  This is an increase of £1.39 pa or 1.7% from the 2019/20 Tax.  The percentage increase matches that applied to non-pension State benefits from April 2020.

Use this link to open the PDF report considered by Council in January 2020 

An explanation of the precept increase is listed in the table below:

£ £
2019/20 Precept   437,813
Net reduction in Planning Committee expenditure (5,000)
Removal of one-off addition to Town Projects budget (15,000)
Reduction in Greening budget (6,000)
Increase in Community Engagement budget to reflect planned involvement, including the Youth Advisory Panel 13,240

· Full year cost of Solicitor post £11,630

· Anticipated 4.0% pay award April 2020 £7,800

· Incremental advances £3,510

· Net increase in superannuation contributions £640

· Removal of one-off training costs (£1,300)







Reduced expenditure on Civic Functions and Cost of Democracy, including £5,420 on Elections (7,970)
Increased IT budget to reflect current requirements 4,720
Increased website costs to meet ongoing accessibility regulations 1,030
Increase in insurance premia 1,400
Reduction in external accountancy fees (4,300)
Reduction in budget for Repairs & Renewals (2,000)
2020/21 Allowance for Growth Items 27,170
Adjustment to contribution from General Reserve, including the use in 2020/21 to meet 2019/20 slippage (13,851)
Other minor variations (net) 701
Approved Precept 2020/21 454,233

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