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Engaging Our Young People

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“When young people are trusted with responsibility and accountability, they are more likely to have an investment in their town’s future. Listening to young people and representing their interests not only strengthens local democracy but also delivers some of the outcomes Councillors might want to achieve.”
(The Local Government Association Councillor Handbook ‘Engaging Young People.’)

Penrith Town Council Youth Advisory Panel

Recognising that young people are the future of the town, Penrith Town Council is in process of setting up a Youth Advisory Panel to represent the views of young people in the Town. The Youth Panel will advise Town Councillors on issues that affect or concern them and enable the Town Council to reach a better understanding of the needs, hopes and aspirations of younger generations. An important aim is to bring about greater benefits to the Council’s decision-making.

Councillor Involvement

Several Town Councillors, including Mayor Doug Lawson and Cllr Paul Donald will liaise with the Youth Panel on behalf of the Town Council.


The Penrith Town Council Youth Advisory Panel will  collaborate with Eden Youth Council (EYC), a forum for young people to discuss Eden wide issues with County Councillors, also Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (QEGS) and Ullswater School Councils.

Future Planning

Our plan is to continue recruiting new members through June and July, 2019, then hold a pre-forum meeting in September, 2019 to introduce panel members to one another, consider frequency of meetings, identify initial themes for future consideration and how to interact with each other, with other youth councils and appropriate partners. A Forum will then be held in  October, 2019 to officially launch the Town Council Youth Advisory Panel, introduce members of the panel to Town Councillors, representatives of other youth councils and other partners who operate in Penrith, and discuss themes in detail.

Application Form

If you live in Penrith and are aged between 14 and 25 years old, you are eligible to take part in the Town Council’ new Youth Advisory Panel. Your input is important, so please complete the online APPLICATION FORM  and join the panel to ensure your views are heard. You can also contact the Town Council Office and ask for a hard copy of the application form.

Additional Information: