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‘Making a Difference’

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Fairhill Play Area

The Town Council have been liaising with the Fairhill Community Group  and are happy to announce the installation of the latest inclusive play equipment in Firhill Recreation ground. The Council helped with fund raising and managed the tender and installation processes. The play equipment was installed in July and August.

Penrith Town Council receives Quality Award

After an in-depth review by the Local Council Award Scheme (LCAS) the Town Council was awarded the ‘Quality Award.’ To achieve this award, a council ‘must demonstrate that it meets all requirements of the Foundation Award and has additional documentation and information in place for good governance, effective community engagement and council improvement. The Quality award criteria includes the eligibility criteria for the general power of competence.’ See Press Release dated:

Penrith in Bloom Video, September 2020

While the global pandemic has affected everyone, the Penrith community has come together once again, albeit at a safe distance, to ensure the town continues to bloom. Below is a short video funded by Penrith Town Council, illustrating what has been achieved in 2020 by the wonderful collective of local people involved in making the town bloom during the pandemic.

The video has been viewed on many social media platforms and the link has been included in the ‘RHS Britain in Bloom’ Magazine, which has UK wide circulation.

Background Penrith in Bloom:  Penrith Town Council formed the ‘Penrith in Bloom‘ Group in early 2018. Local participants include the Garden of Eden Community Gardeners, other gardening volunteers, various environmental groups such as PACT’s Action on Plastic and Plastic Clever Penrith, other community organisations, Penrith Town Council, Eden District Council, other local government organisations, Penrith BID and other local businesses. Members of the collective often come together to make a difference, helping to preserve the environment and enhancing the town with beautiful blooms

Town Council Officers engage with participating groups and regularly update the Penrith in Bloom Facebook Page, which publicises what’s happening and keeps everyone up to speed with ‘in bloom’ developments. The Town Council also provides grant funding and/or Officer support to individuals and groups when needed. In addition, Town Council Officers organise the Cumbria and Britain in Bloom applications for awards, co-ordinate arrangements for judging and compile the ‘Portfolios,’ which describe the local projects, relating them to the three RHS ‘in Bloom’ judging criteria, namely ‘Horticulture, ‘the ‘Environment’ and ‘Community Participation.’

Community participation, close collaboration and mutual support in addition to interaction on-line and face to face, has helped connect the groups involved and has helped make different projects known to those who live in the town as well as those visiting or passing through. Working together and sharing experiences has created positive feelings, enhanced health and well-being and has helped build community spirit, all of which are important elements in making Penrith a healthy, well loved and beautiful place to live in, visit and work.

Community Grant Fund

The Town Council works closely with communitygroups to develop projects. events and activities that improve the quality of life for people living in Penrith. For more  information, please visit the Town Councils website or contact Carol Grey at:

Shopping QR Code

QR Code to access an up to date list of all the businesses open in the town centre, their opening hours, contact details and COVID restrictions

Scanning the code will allow you to  access information provided by local busineses.


The Town Council is working with stakeholders to support the re-opening of the Town in ways that supprt social distancing.

Vsitios are encouraged to support cycling and walking wherever possible. Those arriving by car are signposted to park at the nearest possible carpark.