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Community Memories

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Understanding of the past is important to help us navigate to a sustainable future. Traditions and memories make us who we are locally, and projects that identify our culture and past experiences will help bring us closer, building our sense of pride in where we live.

Our aim is capture the town’s social, cultural and economic memories using a variety of media, If you have drawings, artwork, photos, oral history recordings or video we can share, please get in touch with the Community Engagement Officer.

WW2 Community Memories

CLICK HERE to view video interviews with  people who were evacuated to Penrith as children or whose family lived in or close to Penrith during the War Years. Many of these precious memories tell tales of life that appear almost normal, even adventurous. However, some of the photos and press cuttings, included in a series of digital format booklets with permission from local people who provided them, highlight the harsh realities of WW2.

‘Lest We Forget’ – The booklet below (extracted from WW2 Community Memories) includes images of some of the men from Penrith and surrounding area who sadly lost their lives during WW2. Images of others who were commended are also included. 

First click on the icon in middle of the digital booklet to enlarge.

Then use the side arrows to move back and forth through the pages. Best viewed on large screen.




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