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Penrith Town Council Election Nominations Now Open. Interview with Mayor, Scott Jackson. February, 2019. Source: That’s TV

Mayor Scott Jackson officially opens ‘Another Weigh’ in Angel Lane Penrith. The shop has been set up to help residents and visitors to the town cut down on food and plastic waste. Profits go to support change and educate people to move into an alternative life-style.

‘Another Weigh’ Facebook Page

Penrith Neighbourhood Development Plan (PNDP) Regulation 14 Consultation: Interviews with Deputy Town Clerk Rosalyn Richardson and Deputy Mayor, Peter Baker, Chair of the PNDP Group. February, 2019. Source: That’s TV


Penrith Town Council helps fund six new Community Access defibrillators in Penrith.

‘A high energy electric shock, given to the heart in some types of cardiac arrest, may restore a more stable rhythm. This is called defibrillation, and it’s an essential lifesaving step in the chain of survival.’ – British Heart Foundation


‘Gardening for Mental and Physical Health’


Penrith Neighbourhood Development Plan Explained

The following video was produced as part of the initial consultation to get people involved in thinking about various topics and suggest how you would like the town to develop. Our thanks go to Rachael De La Mare and all the local people who took part.

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