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Each month RHS will be delving a little deeper into a range of horticultural topics, meeting garden designers, wildlife experts, nurserymen and women and other luminaries of the gardening world. For more information see

Plastic Clever Penrith

…a collaboration between PACT and other civic organisations including Penrith Town CouncilPenrith Chamber of Trade, and Business Improvement District (BID), which together represent most of Penrith’s town centre shops and businesses. Other project partners include Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS), Eden District Council and Carlisle City Council.

As an initial step, volunteers from the group will be conducting a simple survey amongst town centre shops and businesses. The aim is to benchmark current usage of common forms of single-use plastic, and to prompt discussion about how these can be reduced or even eliminated across Penrith. It will also help promote good practices for more sustainable alternatives, by sharing experience from shops and businesses which are already acting on this vital issue.

PACT is very encouraged to see town centre shops like Another WeighNatures Healthand J&J Graham all already offering plastic-free alternatives, so we can now buy a growing range of food, drink and toiletries locally with no or very limited packaging.

We very much hope that other retailers will follow this emerging trend by moving away from unnecessary single-use plastic, supported by customers consciously looking to purchase more sustainably.

Once the Plastic Clever Penrith survey findings are collated, it is hoped that this will then help prompt projects enabling Penrith businesses and ultimately local residents to significantly reduce their use of disposable single-use plastic.

Who saw us on ITV Border news?!They were following the launch of Plastic Clever Penrith led by Penrith Town Council UK alongside Penrith Action for Community Transition (PACT), Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS), @Eden District Council, Penrith Business Improvement District & @Penrith Chamber of TradeWe’re so proud to be part of the battle against plastic and I think there’s lots of exciting pledges to come soon from businesses in and around the town.

Posted by Another Weigh on Wednesday, 17 April 2019


Richard 111 Project for ‘Penrith in Bloom’ Bid for Awards (Dates to be confirmed)

Richard the 111, the 1400s royal whose remains were uncovered beneath a Leicester Car park is being linked to a different Car park in Cumbria – that being the Great Dockray car park in Penrith. Flags to the monarch are to be erected nearby to Richard’s former residence of Dockray Hall as part of the 2019 Cumbria and Britain in Bloom awards bids.

Autism Awareness 2019

The Triple A project based in Penrith Cumbria provides constant support for those living with Autism within our community. The Triple A project has recently been granted a safe place poster by the police which shows anyone who may be vulnerable that a safe place exists nearby

Fix it 4Eden

Fix it 4 Eden is one of the many projects being run by the newly re-branded 4 Eden, formerly Eden Mencap. The Fix it initiative sees individuals who would find it difficult to access the working environment being trained up to work a trade by doing odd jobs for residents in Eden.mThe group hopes to see the workers being paid a full wage for their work in helping the community.

Community Gardeners – Penrith in Bloom Bid

Britain in Bloom is a nationwide gardening competition ran by the Royal Horticultural Society. The regional branch, Cumbria in Bloom has selected Penrith as the candidate to put forward for the national finals. Penrith Town Council are co-ordinating both the Cumbria and Britain in Bloom bids for awards. Penrith community gardeners gathered today to celebrate their selection before getting back to work on their ‘in bloom’ projects.

Eden Valley Artistic Network (EVAN)

The Eden Valley Artistic Network, or EVAN for short is a group of painters, sculptors and musicians in the Eden area that connect local artists to places to sell, perform and socialize.
The EVAN gallery in Penrith hosted an open exhibition where the public were invited to come and view the works on display accompanied by music and refreshments.

Town Council Elections Open

Penrith Town Council Election Nominations Now Open. Interview with Mayor, Scott Jackson. February, 2019. Source: That’s TV

Another Weigh Shop, Angel Lane Penrith  cuts down on food and plastic Waste

Mayor Scott Jackson officially opens ‘Another Weigh’ in Angel Lane Penrith. The shop has been set up to help residents and visitors to the town cut down on food and plastic waste. Profits go to support change and educate people to move into an alternative life-style.

‘Another Weigh’ Facebook Page

Penrith Neighbourhood Development Plan (PNDP) Regulation 14 Consultation:

Interviews with Deputy Town Clerk Rosalyn Richardson and Deputy Mayor, Peter Baker, Chair of the PNDP Group. February, 2019. Source: That’s TV 

Community Access Defibrillators in Penrith

Penrith Town Council helps fund six new Community Access defibrillators in Penrith.

‘A high energy electric shock, given to the heart in some types of cardiac arrest, may restore a more stable rhythm. This is called defibrillation, and it’s an essential lifesaving step in the chain of survival.’ – British Heart Foundation

‘Gardening for Mental and Physical Health’

Penrith Neighbourhood Development Plan Explained

The following video was produced as part of the initial consultation to get people involved in thinking about various topics and suggest how you would like the town to develop. Our thanks go to Rachael De La Mare and all the local people who took part.