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Community Assets

The council wants to engage the community, identify existing strengths and build community assets.

community asset – or community resource, a very similar term – is anything that can be used to improve the quality of community life.

Community assets include the efforts and achievements of those who are active in the community, including those who volunteer in local clubs or work in institutions, organisations and businesses.  Assets also include skills, knowledge and connections within the local community, resources of public, private and non-profit institutions and the physical and economic resources in a town.

Our intention is to identify the assets and priorities of different groupings in Penrith, map and categorise them, and create a searchable database for use by the whole community.

We hope that identifying and mapping assets will not only help build local pride but will also bring individuals and groups who share common interests closer together, to work collectively and address mutual concerns and community needs.

Community Connectors

‘Community connectors’ are people in the local community who are willing to make the above happen, inviting others, opening doors and snowballing information. If you can help by becoming a ‘community connector’  please get in touch with Anna Malina, the Community Engagement Officer, T. 01768 425 997 or  email: