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Engaging Our Young People

“When young people are trusted with responsibility and accountability, they are more likely to have an investment in their town’s future. Listening to young people and representing their interests not only strengthens local democracy but also delivers some of the outcomes Councillors might want to achieve.”
(The Local Government Association Councillor Handbook ‘Engaging Young People.’)

Penrith Town Council Youth Advisory Panel

Penrith Town Council is in process of setting up a Youth Advisory Panel to represent the views of young people in Penrith. The Youth Panel will advise Town Councillors on issues that affect or concern them. Besides involvement with Penrith Town Council, the Youth Advisory Panel will also advise the Cumbria Police Commissioner in order to have a say on how young people and wider society are policed. This partnership between Penrith Town Council and the Police Commissioner is about making sure young people in Penrith are involved in things that affect them, that they have a voice and are heard.

Supporting the Town Council in setting up the Youth Advisory Panel is Gabriel Aston, who was nominated to the UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) in 2018.

Gabriel, aged 15, who attends Queen Elizabeth College in Penrith is passionate about young people having a voice. The Town Council appreciate his help in helping to set the panel up over the coming months.

Watch this space!

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