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Shap – from Trackway to Trunk Road with Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum

Shap – from Trackway to Trunk Road with Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum


19th October 2019

Tuesday, 26th November 2019.

TIME: 2.00pm

Entry: Visitors welcome (£3).
Location: Quaker Meeting House, Meeting House Lane , Penrith
Categories: Arts, Entertainment

 Shap – from Trackway to Trunk Road Liz Amos

This talk is illustrated with photographs from the Shap Local History Archive and from members of the Society. It covers the history of the pathways, tracks and roads through and around Shap. It includes information on the early settlers, the Roman routes near Shap, Medieval routes centred on Shap Abbey and the drove roads. Details of the early road are shown in a series of maps. The turnpike era with details of Heronsyke Turnpike Trust are covered, followed by the history of the current A6 road and changes to its route over the years. The talk ends with a brief look at the M6 and how it affected Shap.

The Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum Support the local museum in it’s aims and objectives;  Assist in the acquisition of exhibits, especially of a local nature;   Enjoy five talks a year on subjects of local and historic interest,  Assist the museum in a voluntary capacity when required. Subscription:  due annually on 1st January. Pay at January meeting or send to Treasurer. £8 single   £13 couple  Visitors £3 per meeting
For further information tel: 01768 881648