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Penrith In Bloom

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National Britain in Bloom Awards, London, October 2019

After Penrith’s success in the Cumbria in Bloom Regional Competition, announced at the Awards Ceremony on 5th September 2019, excitement is mounting in the run-up to the Britain in Bloom Awards Ceremony, which is due to take place in London on 25th October, 2019. 

The national competition includes 70 entries from throughout the UK, all competing in a variety of categories to win awards from Gold to Bronze. Penrith will be competing in the ‘Large Town’ Category and is up against fierce competition from other large towns such as Prestatyn, Wales; Wilmslow in the North West; Yeovil in the South West; Royal Tunbridge Wells in the South East; and Biddulph, Heart of England.  Extremely tough competition, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for Penrith!

Awards from Cumbria in Bloom, 2019

In September, 2019, Cumbria in Bloom awarded Penrith a grand total of 10 awards, including 2 Golds and a new Discretionary Award from the RHS and Cumbria in Bloom for involing young people. The Regional Awards recognise the outstanding efforts of all those who have participated and worked so hard to help protect our environment and make Penrith bloom in 2019.

Awards for the town as a whole include:

  • ‘Friends of the Lake District Trophy for ‘Best Sustainable Development Town’ 
  • ‘Best Large Town’ Award
  • RHS and Cumbria In Bloom ‘Discretionary Award for Involvement of Young People’
  • Cumbria in Bloom ‘Pride in Your Community’ Gold Award

Penrith BID received their own

  • Cumbria in Bloom ‘Pride in Your Community’ Gold Award.

Penrith’s Community Gardening Groups were also presented with the following ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ Awards

  • Best Churchyard Runner Up – St Andrew’s Church, Penrith
  • RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood Award – Penrith Community Gardeners Polytunnel (Thriving)
  • RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood Award – 4EDEN (Outstanding)
  • RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards – Great Dockray (Outstanding)
  • RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards – Train Station (Outstanding)

Receiving the Regional Awards

Cllr Jonathan Davies and volunteer gardeners were extremely proud to receive the highly coveted Town awards, which acknowledge the enormous efforts of all the community groups, individuals and businesses involved. Joan Robinson, Louise Armstrong, Malcolm Carruthers and Laura Fossil were joined by Ellie Stack from Virgin Trains to accept the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ awards on behalf of the many dedicated and hard-working gardeners who volunteer their time so generously.

That’s TV Cumbria produced a short video (below) covering the Cumbria in Bloom Awards Ceremony.

Penrith in Bloom Short Film

Below is a film describing Penrith’s gardening and environmental projects involved in the Cumbria and Britain in Bloom Competitions. The film was shown to both sets of judges before their tours of the town on 9th July and 2nd August respectively.

Penrith in Bloom 2019 from Rachael de la Mare on Vimeo.

 ‘Penrith In Bloom’ Portfolio, 2019

The portfolio below, complete with text, images and indication of judging criteria met, illustrates key ‘Penrith in Bloom’ projects and developments. It was compiled by PTC for the Cumbria and Britain in Bloom judges before they arrived in town to showcase what they would experience and assist in their assessments.

Cumbria in Bloom – Images from the ‘Cumbria in Bloom’ Judges Tour on 9th July, 2019

Below are a few images taken during the Cumbria in Bloom judges tour. Click on each image to enlarge. When the results of the Regional competition are announced in September, we will post them on this page.

Britain in Bloom – Images from the ‘Britain in Bloom’ Judges Tour on Friday 2nd August, 2019.

Below are a few photos of the judges and some community volunteers during the recent Britain in Bloom tour of the town to assess blooms, environmental approaches and levels of community participation. Click on each image to enlarge. When the results of the Nationwide competition are announced in October we will post them on this page.

Penrith in Bloom Facebook Page

Check out the Facebook pages for Penrith in Bloom, administered by PTC and updated regularly with information, images and video clips.

Below are some animated image clips showcasing some of our town’s creative projects in 2019. They include a mix of beautiful blooms and edible plants. Click the ‘sound on’ at right hand bottom of clips to enjoy the music.

Richard 111rd Project in Great Dockray – while in development!

Springtime in Penrith, 2019 – Community Gardeners are gearing up!

A reminder of blooms in Penrith in 2018, when the town won many awards from Cumbria and Britain in Bloom, including a National Silver Gilt.

It’s Cool to Bin It, May Day, 2018

About Penrith in Bloom

In 2016, Penrith was invited to take part in the Cumbria in Bloom Competition. After receiving a  number of awards in 2016 and 2017, the town was chosen as a finalist in the highly respected 2018 RHS Britain in Bloom Competition. The town received a number of awards from both Cumbria and Britain in Bloom in 2018, including an overall Silver Gilt Award from RHS Britain in Bloom.

Penrith Town Council formed the ‘Penrith in Bloom’ Group in early 2018. Local participants include the Garden of Eden Community Gardeners, other gardening volunteers, various environmental groups such as PACT’s Action on Plastic and Plastic Clever Penrith, also Penrith Town Council, other local government organisations, Penrith BID and other local businesses, all of whom work towards helping the environment and/or enhancing the town with beautiful blooms

Town Council Officers engage with participating groups and regularly update the Penrith in Bloom Facebook Page, which publicises what’s happening and keeps everyone up to speed with ‘in bloom’ developments. The Town Council also provides grant funding and/or Officer support to individuals and groups whenever needed. In addition, Town Council Officers organise the Cumbria and Britain in Bloom applications for awards, co-ordinate arrangements for judging and compile the ‘Portfolio’ (see below), which uses text and images to describe the local projects, while also relating them to the three RHS ‘in Bloom’ judging criteria, namely ‘Horticulture, ‘the ‘Environment’ and ‘Community Participation.’

Community participation, close collaboration and mutual support in addition to interaction on-line and face to face, has helped connect the groups involved and has also helped make their different projects known to others who live in the town as well as those visiting or passing through. Sharing experiences together with the health benefits of seeing beautiful blooms has created positive feelings and has helped build community spirit, important elements in making Penrith a well loved and beautiful place to live in, visit and work.