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Penrith In Bloom

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The Penrith in Bloom group was set up after the town was invited to take part in Cumbria in Bloom in 2016. The group and arrangements for award applications and judging is co-ordinated by Penrith Town Council (PTC). The Facebook pages for Penrith in Bloom, also administered by PTC, are updated regularly with information, images and video clips.

After receiving many awards in 2016 and 2017, Penrith was chosen as a finalist in in the highly respected RHS 2018 Britain in Bloom Competition and again in 2019. The town received many awards from Cumbria in Bloom and from Britain in Bloom in 2018, with the town receiving an overall town Silver Gilt Award. The outcome of the 2019 competitions are still to be announced. The Cumbria in Bloom Awards for 2019 will be announced in September while the Britain in Bloom winners of each category and finalist’s medals, ranging from Gold to Bronze, will be announced in October, 2019. We keep our fingers crossed.

Penrith is currently enjoying an abundant display of beautiful blooms, shrubs and edibles. Besides the beautiful plants, volunteer gardeners, other community organisations and business groups in Penrith are also very concerned about global issues such as declining pollinator populations, climate change and plastic waste. To help address these problems, many of the blooms chosen help to attract bees and other pollinators.

Moreover, Penrith is lucky to have some wonderful green spaces, among which are Thacka Nature Reserve, Frenchfield Sports Centre, the woods and hillside around the Beacon and Fairhill. Many more trees are being planted on a regular basis to green the town even further. The ‘Plastic Clever Penrith’ campaign is also gathering pace and helping address the problem of single use plastic.

Our town enjoys cross-community support involving the Garden of Eden Community Gardeners, other gardening volunteers, various community groups, local businesses, the town council and other local government organisations. This increasingly close collaboration has heightened feelings of pride in the town. However, there is always much more that can be done, and we would ask that everyone makes an effort to plant a flower, fruit bush or other edible in their garden, put out a pot of blooms by their front door and also pick up any litter seen lying about. All of this helps to make Penrith a well loved and beautiful town for those who live and work here.

Penrith in Bloom Short Film

Here below is a film describing our town’s projects, all of which are involved in both Cumbria and Britain in Bloom Competitions. The film was shown to both sets of judges before their tours of the town on 9th July and 2nd August respectively.

Penrith in Bloom 2019 from Rachael de la Mare on Vimeo.

 ‘Penrith In Bloom’ Portfolio, 2019

The portfolio below, complete with text, images and indication of judging criteria met, illustrates key ‘Penrith in Bloom’ projects and developments. It was compiled by PTC for the Cumbria and Britain in Bloom judges before they arrived in town to showcase what they would see in town and assist in their assessments.

Cumbria in Bloom – Images from Cumbria in Bloom Judges Tour on 9th July, 2019

Below are a few images taken during the Cumbria in Bloom judges tour. Click on each image to enlarge. When the results of the Regional competition are announced in September, we will post them on this page.

Britain in Bloom – Images from Britain in Bloom Judges Tour on Friday 2nd August, 2019.

Below are a few photos of the judges and some community volunteers during the recent Britain in Bloom tour of the town to assess blooms, environmental approaches and levels of community participation. Click on each image to enlarge. When the results of the Nationwide competition are announced in October we will post them on this page.

Below are some animated image clips showcasing some of our town’s creative projects in 2019. They include a mix of beautiful blooms and edible plants. As soon as you click on the arrow to start, make sure you click the sound on at right hand bottom of clips to enjoy the music.

Richard 111rd Project in Great Dockray – while in development!

Springtime in Penrith, 2019 – Community Gardeners are gearing up!

A reminder of blooms in Penrith in 2018, when the town won many awards from Cumbria and Britain in Bloom, including a National Silver Gilt.

It’s Cool to Bin It, May Day, 2018