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Penrith Mayor

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Councillor Scott Jackson

Councillor Jackson is Chairman of Penrith Council and was elected the second Mayor of Penrith on 15 May 2017.

The Council’s Civic Protocol governs the Mayors duties and responsibilities.

The Mayors responsibilities:

  • Leading the community in support of the Council’s values and vision. This may involve finding ways of improving the engagement with local people, encouraging citizenship, championing worthy causes and encouraging formal and informal partnerships to work towards the priorities and objectives of the Council. This is all consistent with the move towards greater public involvement and local accountability enshrined within the Localism Act 2011.
  • Acting as first citizen and ambassador of the Council in promoting the Council area, its aims and vision.
  • Presiding over civic functions and hosting receptions for representatives of local businesses and voluntary and community groups.
  • Attending a range of functions by outside organisations, locally, regionally and, occasionally, nationally and internationally. This may include royal events, remembrance services and awards ceremonies.
  • Helping to raise funds for specific charitable organisations identified at the start of the civic year.
  • Observing civic protocols when undertaking the civic and ceremonial events.

The  Deputy Town Clerk manages the Mayors diary. You can contact the Deputy Town Clerk on 017668 899 773 or email

Alternatively using the Mayoral Engagement Booking form below, you can contact the Council Office if you would like to invite the Mayor to a function or event. Please fill in the form below and we will reply as soon as possible.

Penrith Town Council Awards

Awards will be given out to recognise volunteering and citizenship in the community.

The Mayors Medal Award

The Mayors Medal award will be awarded to outstanding individual/s, project or organisation. The choice of the award is solely at the Mayor’s discretion.

On 15 December 2017, the Mayor awarded the first Mayor’s Medals to four past committee members of Penrith Allotment Association who have contributed years of outstanding voluntary time to manage and maintain the allotments in Penrith, initially on behalf of Eden District Council and now for the Town Council.

The Ullswater Community College Award

Every year the Town Council sponsors two prizes at the Ullswater Community College Prize day, one for a student in the lower school and one for a student in the upper school who have made an outstanding contribution to the community of Penrith.

The Citizen Award

This award is given to people who have made a positive difference to the lives and well-being of people and quality of life in Penrith, who have supported charitable or voluntary work in the town, who have volunteered for the Town Council, or who have demonstrated outstanding citizenship. The awards are decided by the people of Penrith.

Nominations forms are available on the Town Council website, Penrith Library or from the Town Council office.

The 2018 awards’ winners will be announced at the Annual Town Meeting on the 23 April 2018. This information is available on this website in Have Your Say.

Outgoing Mayor Award

Each year the outgoing Mayor will receive a medal from the Town Council in gratitude of the dedication and service to the Council and community of Penrith. A councillor may only receive one medal.

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