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Your Say

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‘Community Engagement’ is the cornerstone of good local governance, and an integral component in how we conduct our affairs and how we reflect the expressed needs of people living in Penrith.

You can find information in our press releases, newsletters, on our website and social media pages. You can also have a say and participate in a variety of  ways, for example, arranging to speak at council meetings. and responding to engagement and consultation exercises when these are run. You might also want to submit the name of someone whose activities help to enrich the lives of the residents of Penrith by putting their name forward for a Citizen Award.

Overall Goal of Community Engagement

Our overall goal is to ensure we engage with you in the right ways. We want to encourage more people to participate in what the Town Council does or hopes to do. We want you to have a role in decision-making and planning that affects your life, the lives  of your family and other people in the local community. By providing a variety of opportunities for you to participate and feed in your views (as described above), our decisions will become increasingly more sensitive and responsive to your needs and concerns. Please do get involved.

Community Feedback Surveys

‘How we engage with the community’

We ran a short survey online to help us streamline information procedures and help us select the community engagement methods you prefer or that best suit your needs.  The majority of responses indicate that it’s important for you to be better informed  about the different roles of Cumbria County Council, Eden District Council and Penrith Town Council. All those who answered the survey also believed it was important for the Town Council to engage with the community and find out what needs are and what would best benefit the town.  Most people indicated they would be willing to get involved, work with the Council and offer their views on a regular basis. In terms of the different ways to engage with the community, people indicated on-line surveys (81.82%) as their top preference, with public meetings  (54.55%), social media (36.66%), traditional paper surveys (36.36%), community advisory groups (27.27%),  roundtable working groups (18.18%), workshops (9.09%) and focus group sessions (9.09%) coming next.

‘Learning from what you feel we get right and what we could do better’

Penrith Town Council Officers and Councillors work as a team to deliver high quality services to the Penrith Community. We hope to get it right most of the time and would love to hear from you when we do. If we do sometimes get things wrong, or you feel our services are generally not up to scratch, then let us know about that too, and we will do all we can to resolve problems as quickly as possible. Our resolve is to ‘make a difference’ to Penrith. We would love to hear from you so that we can learn from the things you feel we get wrong as well as the things you think we get right. Please complete our online survey and we will take account of your feedback to streamline public engagement.

Engaging Online – Citizen Space Cumbria: Consultation Database

Citizen Space consultation database is a partnership project with Cumbria County Council, the six district Councils, Cumbria Police and NHS Cumbria. All consultations undertaken by the partners are available in one place on the consultation hub and the database is fully searchable. You will be able to find and read about consultations taking place throughout Cumbria, and take part in consultations that affect you and/or your community.